The event, inaugurated by Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh in Jhansi last Wednesday, highlighted the government’s focus on achieving self-reliance in the defence sector. And Prime Minister Narendra Modi handed over locally produced military hardware, including light combat helicopters, electronic warfare systems and drones, to the armed forces.

What is a swarm Drone?

Swarm drones are a group of drones driven by soldiers sitting on the ground. It can also be automatic. The group has a main drone that assigns tasks to different sets of drones. These drones can be used for surveillance as well as combat. This is very convenient because the swarm is able to accurately monitor the target and hit when needed. Since they are inhumane, there is no chance of human harm. It is also a very cost-effective weapon.

DRDO demonstrated a fully functional decentralized unmanned aerial vehicle consisting of 25 drones flying in harmony with minimal human management. These swarm drones have demonstrated the unique capabilities of distributive sensing, distributive decision making, and reconfigurable path planning and autonomous attack formation.


A swarm of autonomous drones can penetrate enemy territory up to 50 km at a speed of 100 kmph, capable of detecting targets and making accurate attacks. According to an army official, drones in a fleet can carry out a wide range of missions, including attacks on tanks, infantry vehicles, ammunition depots, fuel dumps and terrorist launch pads, and can also play a significant role in transporting military supplies in volatile conditions.

Army Technology has been developed in partnership with DRDO’s Young Scientist Laboratory for Asymmetric Technologies and Bangalore-based New Space Research and Technologies. The battlefields of the present and the future are setting a new precedent in the field of artificial intelligence, autonomous weapon systems, quantum technology and robotics. Earlier, the Indian Army demonstrated the capability of a swarm of 75 drones at the Army Day Parade in Delhi on January 15 this year.

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