Apple plans to build its own electric, self-driving car. Apple is set to accelerate the development of electric vehicles with the goal of launching in 2025. For the past 7 years, Apple has been coming up with plans to build an electric car. Eventually, they broke the news to the public. According to Bloomberg News, Apple aims to launch its self-driving car by early 2025. Kevin Lynch, the engineer responsible for the success of the Apple Watch, has been named the new project leader.


Apple is reported to have designed its own self-driving computer chip based on the processors used for the iPhone, iPad and Mac. This chip contains primarily a neural processor that can handle the artificial intelligence needed for autonomous driving. Apple shares meanwhile hit a record high after the Bloomberg report expanded.


Apple’s standard electric car will have no steering wheel and no pedals. The interior will be designed around hands-off driving and is planned to be equipped with emergency takeover mode. The passenger seats will face each other, somewhat like limousines. An infotainment system will be installed in the middle of the vehicle to facilitate the passengers during the journey. Using the screen feature so that passengers can get rid of driving fatigue while travelling.


Apple has developed a car chip consisting of a neural processor that can handle the artificial intelligence needed for autonomous driving. The advanced chip will have a sophisticated cooling system to cool excess heat from the processor to keep the car cool while running. There will be a backup system for safety and to avoid driving system failures.


Apple’s car project is a big challenge for them, which has caused controversy in the automobile world, as they have no experience in automobile manufacturing or autonomous vehicles. It remains to be seen how much Apple can accelerate their electric, self-driving car project.

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